Displaying some information

I now add some information about the status of the EA, and the parameters passed to the callbacks.

The call to OnDeinit passes an integer value called ‘reason’. I wrote a simple class with a static function which will translate the integer into a string.

struct UninitReason
    static string ToString(int id)
        switch (id)
            case REASON_ACCOUNT:     return "account was changed";
            case REASON_CHARTCHANGE: return "symbol or timeframe was changed";
            case REASON_CHARTCLOSE:  return "chart was closed";
            case REASON_PARAMETERS:  return "input-parameter was changed";
            case REASON_RECOMPILE:   return "program was recompiled";
            case REASON_REMOVE:      return "program was removed from chart";
            case REASON_TEMPLATE:    return "new template was applied to chart";
        return "unknown " + IntegerToString(id);

I then called the static function ToString from my OnDeinit callback function:

void OnDeinit(const int reason)
    Print(__FUNCTION__ + "; reason=" + UninitReason::ToString(reason));

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